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washington facebook page and let us know. >> he was jumping. but pretty humble in the end. >>> now we've got a warning today about a computer scam. the federal trade commission is cracking down on telemarketers who prey on people concerned about their computers. >> they call offering to remove viruses, or spyware from your computer. that doesn't exist. you pay for it, and as danielle lee reports, they get access to your pc, and your credit card. >> reporter: the scam starts with a phone call. on the other end, an individual often from india, posing as a technical support. this recording from the federal trade commission, you hear the scammer in action. he calls attention to a standard computer utility area like this one. and pretends the messages are evidence of a virus. the scammer offers to remove this fake infection for access to your computer and up to $450. >> it's a very serious rip-off of consumers. >> reporter: ftc chairman says an international investigation turned up thousands of victims in the u.s. and five other countries. >> like playing the game of whack-a-mole, it's really for
meteorologist veronica johnson joins us now. can we expect more problems tonight? >> we can speck more problems tomorrow morning. but for a different reason as you'll see coming up. as far as the rain goes, take a look at the waves of moderate to heavy rain. it started at 5:00 a.m. and it didn't let up, the moderate to heavy rain until about 5:00. look at those totals. one in over two inches with flooding in frederick county, maryland. for a time, the road in gaithersburg was closed. some light showers, generally light showers moving through southern maryland. you look through the northern neck and there are a few spots around leonardtown and areas through east of richmond, virginia, where it is 71 degrees right now. one thing that you will notice is the higher humidity coming our way for the next 24 hours. we're in the 60s now. mid 60s, 71 in d.c. temperatures are not going to drop a whole lot over the next couple hours. we'll talk about what is the next big thing we have to deal with coming up. >> looking ahead to this winter, the season is about to get a new infusion of personality. the weat
used to write blogs about how to pick up young boys. >> i was as curious as everybody else, so i wrote about that. >> she was hanging out with a lot of other guys. my son's friends were starting to take bets on who was going to be able to sleep with laura first. >> i wasn't sleeping with everybody. she is a whore, she is doing this. okay, ross. >> ross says you're using this cougar defense, which is a joke. >> he is showing his wife's steamy calendar off in court, hoping to paint her as an unfit mom. >> my lawyer submitted a seven-page document. one paragraph said i was looking for annal an alternative to jail because of the relationship my daughter and my wife. >> it is all about ross trying to save his own ass. >> believe it or not, that was just the tip of the iceberg. ross says his decades-long marriage was actually great until his wife turned into a cheating, sex-obsessed party girl. >> my ex-wife, laura, and i are divorced and we are still living under the same roof. >> ross and i have been divorced about five months. we were definitely living the millionaire lifestyle, but i did
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3